Babbie Burrows is a Fine Art Contemporary Painter, continually inspired by the vast powerful landforms of Montana.



// Artist Statement //

"My paintings use lyrical compositions full of unexpected syncopation, color, and energy to create a compelling interpretation of natural forces. Inspired by the powerful landforms and expansive spaces of Montana, I employ a gestural approach to engage the viewer in the primal energy of the sublime on a deeper level.

Abandoning the representational tradition of landscape painting requires an adventurous state of mind intent on going forth into unknown territory with every stroke. It is a method of inquiry reflecting the innate human instincts that draw us to reconnect with nature on a metaphysical level." 


Babbie's artistic interests began with her fascination with the outdoors as a child in New Jersey and early visits to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where she encountered the work of de Kooning and Kandinsky.

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Babbie is a painter of abstract imagery inspired by the forms and energy of the natural environment, using rhythm and movement in the abstract rendering of natural forms which came about as an extension of her passion for music. 

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